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United States is one of the best places if you want to go solar – but only if you’re rich enough. Due to the steep upfront costs of around $32,000 in cash, only those upper-income families can afford to install solar arrays. POWERHOME Solar is, however, looking to change that. This new project hopes to help middle class communities see the sun in a different light.

The cost for the installation to the middle class families is little to $0 down. The homeowner gets solar panels on their roof and a new reduced electric rate. If interested you can sign up below. Home Energy Guide predicts that it could save individual families up to $2,400 a year, which they hope could then be spent on other essential bills.

POWERHOME Solar is excited to be promoting one of the first dedicated solar repayment systems for middle class families allowing them to get a low solar bill and an even lower electric bill. By using training programs, various federal and state incentives, money from companies and private investors, they aim to keep the costs to those who provide and install the panels as low as possible. Home Energy Guide has teamed up with POWERHOME Solar to install the panels in United States.

Through covering 26% of the costs with available Government Rebates & Incentives, along with funding from private investors to eliminate upfront costs, POWERHOME aims to kill two birds with one stone – saving Middle-Class families money, while also making big fossil fuel polluting companies help to cut energy emissions in the state even further.

Home Energy Guide invites everyone to find out if they qualify by signing up for a free visit from POWERHOME Solar. To increase the ease of setting up an appointment to find out if you’re in the middle-class and qualified, they specifically created the form below.

We've been notified that panels are still available for homes, you can sign up for a visit to see if you qualify by filling out the form below.


Find Out If You Qualify For Solar Funding!

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We will be contacting you shortly from a state local phone number to determine whether your home qualifies for solar. Here at Power Home Solar we care about you and you can trust us to take care of you. We're A+ Accredited by the Better Business Bureau and have a 4.7 out of 5.0 rating on Google.

Frequently Asked Questions about Solar:

Q: What is the ITC?

A: The Federal Government in the year 2019 will pay for 30% of your solar cost. That's like the Federal Government paying 30% of your electric bill for the next 30 years.


Q: What Energy Efficient Program Offers The Most Savings?

A: Solar offers massive savings to the homeowner. Especially as electric rates tend to rise year after year, and homeowners are using more power as they are adding in home automation, tvs, speakers, etc.

Scale of Solar Prices Over Time

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